At Johnson Morgan & White, we have a simple philosophy when it comes to recovery: it’s your money, so you get to choose how you receive it. That stance has been the foundation of our successful Remittance service.

When the totality of the client’s debt is absolutely cleared and taken care of, those funds get moved into a bonded client trust account. With this streamlined method, more options are available to you in terms of how you want to extract what is owed to you.

Once the funds are established in the bonded client trust account, you have all the control when it comes to the exact method and best vehicle in which to acquire your outstanding payments.

Because the needs of every one of Johnson Morgan & White’s clients are different, you get to decide the best way to acquire your outstanding payment. One size does not fit all when payment collections are concerned.

Johnson Morgan & White makes getting your payments easy through these options:

Once you have the funds, transferring them to the rightful party usually is the hassle-free aspect of commercial collections. Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean the process and procedure should be anything less than perfect. Johnson Morgan & White understands how important the final step of remittance can be, and we’ll work with you to achieve your desired results, guaranteed.

To get the absolute best remittance service for you personally or your company, call the company that will “Never Settle for Less,”—Johnson Morgan & White, at 800-441-9500.