Johnson Morgan & White Attains Certification by the Commercial Agency Section of the Commercial Law League of America

Boca Raton, May 22, 2006 – Johnson, Morgan & White (JMW) proudly announces its recent certification by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA).  On April 26, 2006, JMW met all of the requirements to become certified by the CLLA, granting them access to membership in Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA) Section.  The CLLA serves the credit industry as a source of professional services and by promoting the highest standard of professionalism and maintains high standards for certification of member agencies.  The CCAA Section represents the most prestigious commercial collection agencies and elevates industry standards by providing educational, legislative, promotional, and administrative services to member firms. 


“The distinction and industry acknowledgement associated with this certification creates pride in the work being done here and our excellent staff.  On a personal note, I am enthusiastic about being reunited with the Commercial Agency Section of the CLLA.   I have 15 previous years of patron member membership with the Section and look forward to this newly reestablished relationship with the organization.” said Robert Cooper, President/CEO of Johnson, Morgan & White. 

The CCAA is part of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), the oldest creditors' rights organization in the country, and was established to improve the quality and reputation of the commercial collection industry.  Membership in the CCAA Section of the CLLA is limited to select agencies in the country who continue to meet CLLA’s rigorous criteria, including duration firm has been in business, drawing a minimum of 80% of its collection business from commercial accounts, maintaining a separate trust account (monitored by the CCAA Executive Director) for all monies belonging to creditors, subscribing to the CCAA Code of Ethics, meeting continuing educational requirements, posting surety bonds for the protection of the creditors it serves, agreeing to random periodic site visits from the CCAA Executive Director, and remaining in compliance with all local and state regulations governing its operation of a commercial collection agency.

With the CLLA certification, JMW is now one of five JMW collection agencies worldwide to have been certified by both the CLLA and the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).  JMW successfully completed the process to become an IACC Certified Commercial Collection Agency on November 1, 2005. 

Johnson, Morgan & White is one of the leading commercial and forensic collection agencies in the world.  JMW is a licensed and bonded commercial collection agency.  The firm’s focus is on recovering debts while protecting clients’ customer relationships.  Multiple investigation techniques are employed to legally research and monitor corporate debtor’s financial activity, including computer surveillance, private database access, public record searches, and electronic research.

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