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Trying to recover bad debt on your own can be a waste of critical time, money and resources for your business. That's because today's credit criminals are experienced at avoiding in-house collection departments and small business owners.

That is why more and more businesses are choosing the debt collection agency of Johnson, Morgan & White. Our global network of experienced commercial debt recovery agents and tools allow us to track down the most evasive debtor so businesses don't have to attempt the difficulty process of commercial debt collection on their own.

Our credentials are established through certification by leading commercial collections industry associations and passionate client testimonials. And our commitment to measurable results is supported by cutting-edge commercial debt recovery technology and a thorough understanding of federal, state and local regulations.

Johnson Morgan & White is ready to offer its full range of business debt recovery services to aid in the recovery of your outstanding bad debt. Our debt collection services include forensic collections, background profiles, and other services to create a custom approach that will meet your business needs. While our main debt collection agency is located in Boca Raton, Florida, our commercial collection agency provides business debt collection services throughout the United States. Take the first step in retrieving your bad debts and call our debt collection agents at (800) 441-9550 today or fill out an online form today.

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Office Depot has been partnered with Johnson Morgan and White for over two years. We began our relationship with JMW as a challenger to other agencies employed by Office Depot, with JMW receiving only a minimal amount of claims. Within six months it was apparent that JMW was hungry for our business, and with their very positive collection results, came a greater influx of account placements.

One would expect that with an increase in volume, that one might become more complacent; however this was far from the case. Collection results have continued to increase and the benefit of using JMW was easily apparent. They have excelled, and continue to increase the scope of our partnership. I have also referred others to JMW due to their very positive efforts.

I would highly recommend JMW for any collection needs one might have.
Sr. Manager - Strategic Vendor Relationships

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