Commercial Debt Collection.

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Commercial Debt Collection

During recessions and economic downturns, commercial businesses have something to worry about beyond weak profits and lackluster lackluster confidence: Commercial debt recovery.

When businesses aren’t fully staffed and executives are focused on how to maintain a competitive edge, it can be challenging to recover outstanding fees from commercial debtors.

At Johnson, Morgan & White, we service as an extension of your resources, and each of our debt collection agents can seamlessly integrate with your recovery protocol to help achieve a high corporate recovery rate.

We’re able to provide savvy research capabilities through our cross-referenced database of delinquent and recovered accounts. This provides critical data to make effective credit decisions and helps you avoid known “credit criminals” in the future. Then, you don’t need to worry about the distraction of tracking down commercial debtors and recovering what’s rightfully yours.

Training for making effective credit and collection decisions can be arranged in-house, and can include:

• Diagnosing factors responsible for the failure to collect on past due accounts

• Considerations for evaluating creditworthiness of potential credit customers

• Refining dunning procedures to maximize collections without damaging customer relations

• Measuring and managing “days sales outstanding” to maximize revenues and prevent recovery problems

•  Achieving integration of your credit and collection policies

For more information on how we can help you with commercial debt collection, contact us at (800) 441-9550