Many people and businesses have jump on the social media bandwagon to find old friends and to increase exposure on their work and services. Even debt collection agencies are beginning to use social sites such as Facebook and Myspace, but not to find friends, but debtors instead. In the real world, debtors can easily avoid paying their debts by changing their phone numbers, and moving to a new location. However, in the online world, avoiding attention is not so easy. Especially in a place we users are encourage to share their personal information for the entire world to see.

This is not a new use of social media sites. For years we have heard stories of businesses using social sites to do informal backgrounds on potential employees. Now, debt collectors are using it as a tool to find their debtors or their friends.

“It’s public information and if someone has a MySpace or Facebook page and they’ve incurred a debt than there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a debt collector using this information to locate them.” says Jay Gonsalves, president of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. While there is nothing wrong about this practice, there are laws that prevent collectors from posting comments or disclosing information to another person online.

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