A debt collection agency provides a service that is very useful to several businesses. Since most businesses today will give loyal customers some form of credit, it is vital to the business integrity that the customers pay the dues they owe. Sometimes, customers will simply stop paying their invoices, even if they are called by telephone or even a physical visit. It is because of customers like these that make a debt collection agency a necessary service. Sometimes a professional is needed just to get the smallest amount paid.A debt collection agency will send agents to collect the dues, or will have a professional call center set up to telephone customers. Since the entire purpose of the debt collection agency is to get people to pay their debts, they can get quite good at it.Some Debt Collectors are called percentage agencies. They will charge a percentage of the money collected, but they won’t charge anything if they are unsuccessful. Most percentage agencies charge anything from 33% to 50% of the dues collected.

Flat rate agencies will pay the business a flat rate in exchange for the dues, and then anything they collect from the customers will go straight into their pockets.

Some Commercial Debt Collection Agencies will be a hybrid of the two, and will have a smaller up front flat rate, and a smaller percentage of the paid dues. Then, everything else they collect goes to the business.

The last sort of Debt collection agency will charge businesses by the hour. They are basically a contract call center, and they will let the business keep 100% of the earnings.

Why should anyone use a Commercial Debt Collection Agency?

Many businesses struggle with customers that have trouble paying up. A commercial debt collector is sometime the only thing that will save a business from going under.

Large landlords are notorious for having people unable to pay rent, and a commercial debt collector could save the landlord from bankruptcy.

Large Auto Dealerships have problems with people unable to pay monthly payments. Hiring a commercial debt collection agency could mean the difference between calling the sheriff on the customers, and calling for vacation plans.

Even banks require the occasional use of a debt collection agency. Loan officers find myriads of people unable to pay off loans. Instead of seizing goods and auctioning it off (a practice that often does not even come close to paying off the loan) the bank will hire a debt collection agency to secure the loan funds, and keep the bank running smoothly.